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Look Like a Team, Feel Like a Team

Corporate Embroidery

There is something about stepping into a uniform, or putting on your ‘work clothes’ that can make you feel ready to face the day. When you dress the part, you usually feel the part, so why not invest in helping your entire team to feel like, well, a team?

At Matly Digital Solutions, we help our clients advertise their businesses and raise awareness for what they have to offer. Among the many marketing tools we provide, we offer our clients the chance to add embroidered logos, designs, and marketing materials to their corporate uniforms. Virtually anything can be embroidered on hats, jackets, scarves, vests, or any other article of clothing to brand it with your business’ logo, information, or slogan.

Beyond creating a cohesive look, corporate embroidery can be a powerful marketing tool and a way of unifying your team. Not only will your staff feel the part and be more productive, your customers will notice too. The reassurance of seeing your team working together while looking the part can increase customer confidence in your brand, and could even help you to draw in more clients to help grow your business.

Creating Unity

Sports teams, first responders, performers, and many other professionals wear uniforms daily. Sometimes elaborate and other times extremely simple, all versions of the ‘work uniform’ perform the same basic function of creating unity within the team. Sometimes, it can be hard to motivate or encourage your staff to collaborate and work together with a common goal. Much of the work done today is done relatively independently, which is yet another reason some team leaders struggle to create a sense of community amongst their members.

A touch as simple as adding embroidered corporate logos to team hats or jackets can do wonders for the sense of unity felt by your team. The basic act of all wearing the same corporate logo and looking like a team can make them feel like a team, and could even help to fuel how your team commits to their role as an important member of your staff.

Encouraging Participation and Personalization

One reason it can be difficult to motivate some individuals is because the work simply isn’t personal to them. It is virtually impossible to only work with people who will be as invested in your company as you are, which is why it is the job of upper management to give their team encouragement and to incentivize them to participate.

Along with a positive, upbeat, supportive work environment, adding corporate embroidery to team uniforms or accessories can help make your staff feel more connected to the work. Wearing a little piece of the company can instill a sense of pride in an individual, but it’s not just corporate logos we can embroider on your staff apparel.

Adding personal touches like names, job titles, and years to embroidered hats, jackets, bags, etc., can go a long way in making your staff members feel like they are truly part of the team. Personalized embroidered touches like names can also help to make your staff feel more approachable, encouraging customers to engage in conversation or to be more open to hearing their pitch on your company.

Developing Brand Recognition & Trust

No matter what industry your business exists within, we can guarantee your customers like working with companies they can trust from the very beginning. While small businesses can be extremely successful with only local or regional support, building broad brand recognition can help you to take your business to the next level. Branding corporate clothing or merchandise can help to establish your business and brand, especially if your staff work outside of an office during the average business day.

As your staff work with other professionals, meet with clients, and go about their regular business, people will see the corporate logo embroidered on their clothing and accessories. As people become accustomed to seeing your logo or branding, you become more recognizable, and customers will be more likely to call on you should they ever need your particular services. Additionally, having members of your team representing your business by wearing branded apparel can help create more confidence and trust in your brand as a legitimate and established entity.

Displaying Professionalism

As you build brand recognition and awareness, and more clients begin to seek you out for your services, it will be important to consistently wear clothing and accessories branded with your corporate embroidery.

When you imagine some of the world’s biggest brands, then imagine their employees, you probably imagine them wearing their iconic uniforms or wearing their iconic nametags. Our corporate embroidery services can help you to create something recognizable that will show your customers that you are the real deal. Employees wearing items of clothing embroidered with your corporate logo will receive more respect from customers, and might even be able to close more sales and make more deals.

Embroidery vs. Printing

Some businesses opt to go for printed t-shirts rather than embroidering their logos onto various articles of clothing and accessories. While printing may seem like an easier option, in truth, embroidered items will both last longer and give your team an overall more professional and appealing appearance. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to embroider your corporate logo instead of going the printing route:


Printed items can look sleek when they are new, but after a couple wears and the first few washes, these items tend to start to fade and wrinkle. Printed graphics and logos simply don’t offer adequate longevity, meaning they need to be replaced far more often than their marketing value is worth.

Embroidered logos and corporate emblems can stay firmly affixed and looking like new for months or even years. Designed to be sturdy and reliable for long-term wear, you don’t have to worry about fading or wrinkling with embroidered designs. Choosing high quality embroidered shirts, hats, and other accessories from the start can help you to get more use and value out of your investment, and will help to keep your team looking professional at all times.

Aesthetic Value

Once printed graphics begin to fade, they can quickly begin to look raggedy and unprofessional. Embroidery can maintain a sleek, polished look for far longer than printed logos, and look more professional from the very start. Simple touches like embroidery show that you have put thought and intention into your designs, and can give your customers confidence that you will put the same detailed thought into your products and services.

Ready to add embroidery to your corporate wear? Visit Matly Digital Solutions to find out how.

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