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Why You Should Wrap Your Corporate Vehicles

Vinyl Wraps


If you have never seen a car, van, or truck be vinyl wrapped, the first time can look a little bit like magic. A large sheet of printed vinyl is carefully adhered to the outer body of the vehicle, going on in one fell swoop like a magic instant painting. When done correctly, vinyl wraps can look as good or better than custom paint jobs, and because it goes on in a sheet, a high-quality vinyl wrap can easily be removed when you are ready to refresh the design.

At Matly Digital Solutions, we specialize in high-quality large format signage and helping businesses to create compelling marketing materials to promote their products and services. We offer a wide variety of products, including vinyl wraps, which we create for our corporate and small business clients looking to brand their vehicles. Vinyl wraps can be customized to include virtually anything, turning your car or truck into a rolling billboard.

Wondering if vinyl wrapping your vehicles could help build your business? Let’s talk about all the reasons why you absolutely should try turning your corporate vehicles into mobile advertising.

Build Brand Recognition

Whether you run a small business, or oversee a major corporation, you understand the importance of building your brand’s recognizability, and putting it at the forefront of your target customer’s mind. There are lots of ways to build brand recognition, but most of them require reaching out to the customer directly. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, not all consumers are equally happy to receive a call, email, mailer, flyer, or other pieces of advertising from their local businesses.

Vinyl wrapping your corporate vehicles (for instance, delivery cars or utility vehicles) will naturally build brand recognition without you needing to reach out to prospective clients as aggressively. By simply driving down the street and going about their daily business, your employees that would already have been driving all day will be serving a dual purpose, showing your advertisement all over town.

As more consumers see your vehicles in their neighborhoods, on the freeway next to them, or parked in their neighbor’s driveway, your logo and information will start to stick in their minds, and your brand will become a recognizable entity in your area.

Grow Legitimacy and Customer Trust

Beyond simply raising awareness of your business, vinyl wrapping your corporate vehicles with some kind of advertising or information will help you to build the confidence of your customers. Seeing that you are openly representing yourself and advertising your services helps to build legitimacy, and as customers see your cars and trucks visit other businesses and homes, they will feel more comfortable and confident trusting your services.

People always feel more confident trying a new product or service when it is endorsed by their friend or colleague, which is why seeing your cars parked or visiting local businesses will help to grow customer trust.

Built-In Paint Protection

No matter how new the paint on your car, van, or truck may be, it is never too early to start protecting it for the sake of longevity. The investment made in corporate vehicles is not a small one, which is why it is important to provide them with proper care and protection to ensure they are used to their fullest potential.

One of the first things to start going on many vehicles that are used for commercial purposes is the paint, since these vehicles are often out on the road for long hours in all conditions. Vinyl wrap can elongate the lifespan of your paint job, and help to protect it from corrosion and damage on the road. Once your vinyl wrap no longer looks shiny and new, it can easily be removed and replaced without damaging the paint job underneath.

Affordable and Convenient Alternative to Custom Paint

Vinyl vehicle wraps may sound fancy, and look it too, but this alternative to a custom paint job happens to be super affordable. New paint can cost a pretty penny, especially when you ask for detailed or complicated designs. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be customized, printed, and applied quickly, all for a much more affordable price than custom paint. Vinyl wrap can be tailored to your exact specifications, and you can even clear a design before it gets printed. Want to learn more about how Matly Digital Solutions can help you advertise your business? Visit us online to see our full range of products and services.

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